Simplify your quality and compliance with AlmirLive

This single compliance platform provides a connected QMS allowing the user to simplify and monitor quality and compliance. AlmirLive gives assurance to managers and auditors alike of ongoing compliance. AlmirLive is scalable and will grow with you as you navigate your route to market.

Our Solution

QMS Dashboard

Know Your Real-time QMS Status!

Your summary
Summary of your tasks. Your summary

Quick Actions
Easy access via links to priority tasks. Quick Actions

Overdue, scheduled and completed Audits easily managed through the dashboard application. Audits

Asset Management
Optimizes the process of registering events such as the maintenance, calibration and safety of an asset. Asset Management

Employee training programmes are created in one place making scheduling and tracking of training events easier to manage. Training

Document Management
Create, organise and track all quality documentation electronically. Document Management

Continual Improvement
This allows companies to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Continual Improvement

QMS Dashboard
Client Benefits

Client Benefits

  • Quality Simplified
  • Developed by Quality 4 Quality
  • Provide Unique 5 Point Action Plan
  • Audit Ready
  • Promote Employee Engagement
  • Ease of Risk Management
  • Secure Company Data Integration
  • Team 30+ yrs QMS/ISO Experience
Client Benefits

System Benefits

  • Cloud based QMS
  • Mobile/Tablet & Desktop
  • Mobilizing Quality
  • Paperless through Automation
  • 10+ yrs Product Development
  • Real-time QMS Analytics
  • Complete Visibility
  • Ease of Process Tracking
  • QMS Application Connectivity
Mobile/Tablet & Desktop
Mobile/Tablet & Desktop

5 Point Action Plan (5PAP)

5PAP delivers the essential elements required for your companies ISO Certification. Each step of the way is supported by Almir's experienced team.

Business Plan
Guided User Set-up
Guided User Set-up
Supported Document Upload
Supported Document Upload
Internal Audit Documentation Review
Internal Audit
Documentation Review
Problem Solving & Improvement Training
Problem Solving & Improvement Training
Dedicated Support class=
Dedicated Support
Frees up time for Your Business!

Unique Benefits of 5PAP

  • Frees up time for Your Business!
  • Eases QMS Training
  • Fosters Proven QMS Routines
  • Supports Employee Engagement
  • Topic of the Month Webinars
  • Proven software for >10 Years

AlmirLive Users

Caulfield Industrial
Mann Engineering
T&T Precision