Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

AlmirLive is designed to drive, control, support, and maintain your continuous improvements across the organization processes. Investigation of root cause and the need for a CAPA plan are implemented and tracked easily using CIP.

Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

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Continual Improvement Process.....

The CIP register lists all the CIPs relating to the management system including the date the CIP was raised, the source, source details, function, subject, type, the current stage of the CIP action including its severity.

CIP Register

A CIP can be raised on the AlmirLive Dashboard as well as within the CIP application itself. CIP’s can originate from a number of sources – Audit, Customer, Internal, Supplier, Regulatory, and External. Email notifications are in place to ensure the timely progression of the workflow.

Raise a CIP

Investigations of root cause and required CAPA plans are easily created and managed through the CIP application from start to finish.

Continued Improvement Process

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